Music of India

Rendition of the Yaman Raag: Raga Yaman.
An Indian
popular religious song. (In the more modern, faster and more improvisatory style of singing called "Khyal".)
Here are some
examples of "Dhrupad" style, the most ancient style of singing, which is more meditative.

Here's a podcast I made to illustrate the difference between singing with Indian-style pitch-bending versus Western-style discreet tones.

Some helpful Wikipedia articles about the connections between ancient Greece and India:
Legacy of the Indo-Greeks
Greco-Buddhist Art

Documentary about Alexander the Great.

The area of Indo-Greek culture in the Indian subcontinent:

Indo Grecian Art:

Atlas from Greek mythology, depicted supporting a Buddhist monument in Hadda, Afghanistan.

A Corinthian-style column with Buddha, from Gandhara.

An Indo-Greek depiction of the Trojan Horse.

A coin depicting Indo-Greek King Menander on one side, the godess Athena on the other.