Music at Our House

Homework for March 24/Lect 18

Write a short essay comparing these two songs. What is the character of each song? How are they different?

Rex caeli, Domine maris (King of Heaven, Lord of the Sea) from the Medieval manuscript "Musica enchiriadis" (Handbook of Music)
Rex caeli, Domine maris (Musica enchiriadis) (Voice)

Duet from Robin and Marion by Adam de la Halle, a.k.a. Adam le Bossu (Adam the Hunchback)
"He Robechon leure, leure va" from scene 2, track 14
Le jeu de Robin et de Marion (The Play of Robin and Marion): Scene 2: He Robechon leure leure va (Marion, Robin)

Homework for March 31/Lect 20

Describe Gothic music (the Notre Dame school of Medieval polyphony) and the Gothic Cathedral, and identify their common feeling.

Gothic Music:    Leonin 2-part organum "Viderunt omnes"    

Perotin 4-part organum "Sederunt Principes" (the last track, only available as part of the whole album)
      Here are some versions on Youtube, some with imagery:

Images of Gothic Cathedrals          Description of Gothic Art

Homework for April 14/Lect 22

Describe Guillome Dufay's 15th-century song "If my face is pale" (Se La Face Ay Pale), from the point of view that this as a Renaissance song as contrasted with Medeival song such as Gregorian Chant. Feel free to refer to the different kinds of performances below as part of your description.

If my face is pale, the cause is love,
that is the principal reason,
And to love is so bitter
that I want to throw myself into the sea.

Now, she knows well, the lady whom I serve,
that without her I cannot be happy.

It is the most real that one can regard:
I cannot guard myself from loyal love,
I am mad from it.
Don’t make a duty of receiving
love so strongly from her.
If one does not desire pain,
without her, I cannot.

Since no vocal version is available on Amazon, here are some various versions:
1) a slower vocal version
2) a livelier vocal version
3) instrumental version with strings
4) instrumental version trumpets and drums (the tune starts at about 0:45)

As compared to, for instance, this Gregorian Chant

Homework for April 19/Lect 23

Characterize the two songs by Josquin: "A Thousand Regrets" (Mille regretz) and "The Cricket" (El Grillo). Discuss anything about them you find interesting.

Homework for April 28/Lect 26